Friday, 29 August 2014

Thoughts on Annie Hall (1977)

When people hear Rom-Com their immediate thought is that of 'Bridget Jones Diary' or 'The Holiday'. While they have their merits they did not particularly appeal to me. However the other day I stubbled across Woody Allen's 'Annie Hall' and I can safely say it is quite unlike any rom-com you will have seen. ( Unless you've seen Allen's other films.)

The acting is sublime, especially for the genre, the cinematography is at time magnificent, but above all the script is filled with gags and whit that Allen is famous for.
The film chronicles the relationship and ultimately the break up that occurs between Alvy Singer (Allen) and Annie Hall (Keaton). Alvy Singer is a an author and comedian living in New York City, Annie Hall is singer with little success.

The film narrates the adventures and misadventures of their relationship, the film is constantly moving forward, even those scenes which would normally linger are pacy with interjections of fast dialogue from Allen's character. One noticeable continuing theme is the difference between the two characters intellect but also their choice in literature, Singer tends to read works related to death, while Hall would rather not.

I won't recount the film in full I can however recommend you watch it as it is fantastic. I can draw similarities between this and Manhattan(1979) another of Allens films, which I also recommend.

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

There is nothing permanent except change

I find myself reiterating the point that this blog, is merely a place where let loose the thoughts that have accumulated within my head.

These past seven months have been a whirlwind with some exciting changes, but also some daunting situations. I feel as though I have developed significantly both socially, personally and intellectually, and this has led to the aforementioned changes in my life.

They say that the years you spend at school are the best of your life, having not experienced life outside of school, I can related to this sentiment. I look back on the past 7 years and realise that the experiences I have had, have shaped the person I am today. Part of the shaping has also involved the friends I have made, I have been fortunate so far as to not loose any. However I feel that in recent months I have become distant form a close friend, how I do not know, but what I do know is I want this distancing stop.

However the challenge for me I feel comes now the direction in which I take myself now could very well determine the way I live my life in the future. That is a daunting idea.

I think one of the largest changes I have personally seen is that of social interactions, I have become a lot more comfortable about a) putting myself in these situations and b) interacting with others once in these situations. However one thing that has not changed is overthinking and to an extent my anxiety about placing myself in these situations. A fantastic quote form an unlikely source is ' If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done.' - Bruce Lee.

Some may not understand this and it is at quite a stupid thing to be anxious about. However it also extends to textual communication, before sending a simple 'yes' I will regularly spend minutes contemplating the possible outcomes.

In terms of intellectual development, I feel as though there has been a few factors that have led to this. 

Firstly, my sixth form form tutor who often listened and at times argued back on topics about current affairs and religion, my incessant need to prove a point also led to discussions carrying on longer than necessary. 

Secondly the Debating Matters Competition played a part in this development. It is quite unlike any inter school competition, it involves debating some of the most topical and controversial topics of our time. However what I found was that the conversations (often debates themselves) away from the main competition were fantastically beneficial. I had the pleasure of talking to a range of people from STV, to the chair of the phycological medicine to a BBC journalist. 

So yes, this is probably the most personal blog I have written to date, and once published I will have mixed feelings of joy but also of regret. One thing I will be doing however is rectifying some of the issues I addressed earlier. Such as fixing my overthinking and complication of simple things, but also maintaining and closing the gap between friends who I feel I have drifted from. 

If you made it this far thank you,

Callum Elliott - Wilson
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Edit: The title is a quote by Heraclitus.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


I quite often use this blog as just a dumping ground for my thoughts, admittedly this is quite rare however I like to do it to free up space to think about more relevant/important things.

Numero Uno

Probably not the most appropriate title considering this section is about my favourite number and well 1 is not my favourite number. That title goes to 3.141592654 or π, now you may ask why? Well two reasons firstly it is a constant (of the mathematical verity) it does not change......ever. Although it's discovery has never been attributed to anyone it was likely discovered in ancient Greece. π is the ratio between a circles circumference and it's diameter. Secondly π is an irrational number in that it cannot be expressed exactly  as a ratio of any two integers. This means that as of yet there has been permanent  pattern identified in the decimal places. Well there you go my favourite number, do you have a favourite number, if so leave a comment with a brief description (25-50 words).

Dualitas(approximately 2, Literal Duality)
It is likely something you used within the last 60s (well if you left a comment, HINT!) and that is a keyboard, but my question is why the QWERTY. It's quite bizarre our (English) alphabet is ABC.... so why when it came down to a keyboard/keys did we choose QWERTY. Well persistence will prevail and you would be wrong to thing it is something to do with ergonomics or possibly a pattern well you would be incorrect. We owe this to a chap called Christopher Sholes, a port official, and he was in the race to create a standardised keyboard for a typewriter, so that skills were easily transferable, originally he arranged the keyboard in alphabetical order however this prevented the proper functioning of the type writer and so QWERTY was born. A standard layout allowing easy transition from one machine to another, and well with the invention of the computer this layout remained unchanged. So now you know this was all down to a mechanical issue.

You can find me on twitter for more nonsensical snippets of information: @Callumew
Links to go look at (if you like): - interesting videos on mathematics

π (pi) Book

More on QWERTY:

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Why Religion Harms Society

It is only when you set aside time to think about what you believe and what you don't that you can answer the question Does God exist?. For a few months now I have thinking very deeply in what I believe. Until recently I identified as an Agnostic I believed in something, however since starting 6th form my views have changed.

I attend a Catholic 6th form college and although I was not baptised Catholic the admissions policy does not apply to 6th formers. It is far superior to previous Non-Faith school, in results and facilities however I both enjoy and despise the environment in which we are taught, the staff the other students are fine and I have no problem with those who wish to hold religious views (it is a Human right). But and this really, really annoys me, one problem I do have is that during assembly the views of catholic church are forced upon us, and I don't agree with that, you can believe what you want but you should never force your views upon others, never mind young impressionable minds.

I think that is why my views have changed, I have always been a strong believer in science and the answers that it can provide, and it is for that reason that I believe the theory of evolution. If the existence of God was ever proved the I would accept that, but currently there is no evidence for or against the existence of a God. It is there for I would now call myself a Non-Beliver, Atheist or rationalist. While the bible does have and does encourage (some) good moral values, that is not a valid reason to believe for me. You can be a good person and have no religion, the Humanist Society is great example, we must remember the scandals of the catholic church involving child abuse and ask does religion really prevent bad (for lack of a better word) things from happening.....

.....It's been a while since I began writing this post (approximately 4 months) and my hatred for religion and it's dictator like rule, I have realised that the threat posed by religion is idiotic. How can we allow children to be taught such utter, utter nonsense. They rely on a book that was written before the invention of a printing press so I ask you how were these stories passed around, I'll tell you they were passed around orally and therefore have the ability to be manipulated into what the deluded mind telling the story wishes.

I have now concluded that if the compulsory hour of religious education is replace by an hour of science or maths we can allow the poison that is religion to be purged form our society and allow great minds that may potentially become entwined in religion to flourish and to solve the problems currently facing the scientific community. Religion is pathetic and is poisoning the minds of the young and cannot continue. Religious institutions should play no part in the education system in any part of the world.

I have since left the sixth form after two years, I would like to enforce the point that the teachers in a pastoral and professional nature were fantastic. My issue is with faith schools as a whole and will continue. We have freedom of religion however one day I wish for freedom from religion.

Suggested Reading

Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion

Christopher Hitchens: God Is Not Great

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I am alive

Although I haven't posted in a considerably long time, I thought I would update you on what is going on. I'm now studying for my As- Levels, in Biology, Chemistry Geography and Politics, I'm enjoying them and making good progress I have just finished January exams so I now have more time on my hands which has enabled me to write this.

Although I still have a passion and enjoyment of wildlife, I have found myself moving away from a career in that are, and wanting to expand my knowledge in the three main fields of science. However as you may have noticed I did not take Physics the only reason being I have very little desire to learn about   forces (Except from "The Force" That would be cool), I am much more interested in Astrophysics and particle Physics.

However a subject that I have always enjoyed and have been relatively good at Geography is one of my main interests, and I am starting to consider a career in geography particularly Climatology. However there is a distinct lack of jobs in those areas and I am therefore possibly thing of teaching Geography as a future profession.

If you've read this far congratulations and have a cookie, you may also be asking what about photography, well I barely have time to complete my homework so it has been banished to holidays and  its no longer wildlife, I intend to invest in a telescope over the next year and therefore I am looking into astro-photography, if you don't know what it is Google it an be amazed.

Some last minute snippets of information, I intend to launch my website this year, I would also like to take a moment to say 
R.I.P Sir Patrick Moore the late astronomer and broadcaster for inspiring me to look up.

So that’s about it so I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for reading.

Until next time 

Callum Elliott - Wilson

Thursday, 24 May 2012

WWDC 2012: What to expect

Apple's anual worldwide developers conference takes place from the 11-15 of june this year. So what can we expect, well the developers sure got excited this year tickets for WWDC sold out in 2 hours. Well this is what I think apple will and won't announce.

*iPhone 5: Firstly I think apple will do what they did with the iPad and just call it the "New iPhone" because I personally in a few years time don't want an iPhone 7.  I don't think apple will announce the iPhone at WWDC, I think apple have got into a patten of releasing the iPhones in the Autumn, so I think a summer release is unlikely. Plus it's a developers conference more software than hardware.

*iOS 6: Yes and No. I think apple could open iOS 6 up to developers to let them get a feel for the thing, then I think it will be released just before the next iPhone in the Autumn.

*Macbook Pro: I would like to think so I intend on buying one, this product is more than likely a certainty, although only refreshed in late 2011, it was only minor. So if the rumors are correct then this is going to be quite a major update. (Better graphics, slimmer, google it for more info)

*Mac Pro: Well its been a long long time since Apple updated the line of Mac Pros, so it's a strong possibility. Plus the Mac Pro is aimed at high end users such as developers, who require big specs.

*iMacs: I think the iMacs will come after WWDC, because of the consumer nature of the product, don't think the upgrade will be huge, maybe a possibility of a retina display but more than likely that will be next year. (I would say the same for the Mac Mini too)

There is a slight possibility of an iPad Mini, but I haven't really read into it that much, but they could release it to overshadow the release of amazons new tablet. Although i think it will more than likely be later on in the year.

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kony 2012

Ok, so just a quick blog in which I’m going to talk about Kony, well before everyone reading goes what the hell is Kony, you should click Here and watch the video….

Right I’m now assuming you’ve watched the video and if you haven’t shame on you. As displayed in 2011 the power of social media is ever increasing, I hardly text any more I’ll just face book it, and because of this every one in the world is inter twined, you probably have a follower on twitter or a friend on Facebook who you’ve never even met. Social media saw the fall of Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi. Now it sees people from around the world unite to raise awareness of Joseph Kony the leader of the LRA most famous for their child soldiers. By raising awareness using social media Kony 2012 aim to aid the Ugandan Military in his capture, arrest and prosecution. So on the 20th of April 2012 all you have do is take 30 minutes out of your evening and place posters around your local town and city to effectively make this man famous for his horrendous crimes. But remember you can do this throughout 2012 until he is arrested.

Below is a copy of the poster for you to print out and post around your school, workplace and town centre.